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mastering iTunes, digital media, CDs - World Wide:
Due to the demands of modern day media, mastering is more critical than ever for the quality of your production. Mastering is the final step in audio production. It is ultimately the physical creation of your final product. At lionfoxmastering we work in a controlled and calibrated acoustic environment, with calibrated metering, and with experience in industry norms for levels, and tone. Understanding these norms with regard to specific genres remain a constant expertise at lionfoxmastering. CD Masters, Mastering for iTunes and handling of all your digital needs are all part of your lionfoxmastering experience. Please contact Mike Caplan to discuss your project.

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Mastered For iTunes

lionfoxmastering is Apple certified for MFiT files, the highest quality audio file available. 

Once mastering is complete, we create: 

- DDP files for CD replication, electronic delivery.
- A physical CD master if needed, + shipping.
- Standard 16bit wav files for digital distribution
                and by request
- set of MFiT 24bit files for iTunes, vinyl, archiving

CD Text 

Please provide proper spelling for CD text.
- CD Artist Name:
- CD Title:
- Song order, Song titles


We can supply ISRC numbers for each song in your CD master or you can send us your own ISRC #s.




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