Lion and Fox Recording Studios is much more than just a great place to make music -- we serve some of the greatest artists, events, venues and corporations in the world. We have infused the distinctive lionfox sound into an extensive collection of great recordings from around the world including great tracks recorded in our Washington, DC recording studios. 

Recording Mixing Mastering Producing. Please join our history and memories. Experience the lionfox sound.

  • Live in studio - Capture the feel - State-of-the-Art equipment and mic's

  • The art of Mixing - experience the lionfox sound

  • Mastering for CD, iTunes, digital media - World Wide

  • From start to finish, your sound, your concept, our expertise.

Music Studios

Lion and Fox Recording Studios is the perfect environment to record, mix, and produce music. We offer a full service audio post-production and recording facility, providing a wide range of services for artists and industry. Featuring fully equipped acoustically designed studios. Quality and service is backed by the latest in state-of-the-art professional equipment, a convenient location, and experienced personnel.  mail@lionfox.com  :   Jim Fox   Greg Hartman   Mike Caplan

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iTunes, digital media, CDs - World Wide: Mastering is more critical than ever. lionfoxlionfox mastering bulletMastering is world class, with a rich history, and exciting future. From around the world, we adjust the tone, the levels, the spacing, the formatting needed. For CD mastering, Mastering for iTunes and the handling of all your digital media needs, please be part of the lionfox experience. Mike Caplan
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Radio TV Movies

Hal Lion

ADR, Voice-Over Narration, 5.1 Surround Sound Mixing Our foundation lies with film crew soundman, Hal Lion, pictured here with President Kennedy. Synchronizing sound for picture, audio to film and later video has been our expertise since the 1960s. Greg Hartman



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Corporate Media Production

Rob Buhrman

Recordings, Seminars, Conferences, Transfers, Restoration, Voice-Overs, Mixing, Mastering, Duplication: Please contact Rob for your corporate media production needs

Rob Buhrman, mail@lionfox.com


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