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Lion and Fox Recording Studios
9517 Baltimore Avenue 
College Park, MD 20740



- Recording, mixing, mastering
- Audio for video - narration recording
- ADR, dialog replacement
- format transfers - restoration
- location recording - multimedia 
- music, effects - CD, CD-ROM, DVD


Studio Time:
(recording, mixing, editing)




Narration, Voice Overs:


Audio for Video mixing:


ADR: $150 set up fee


Telephone hybrid - pre arrange:


Zoom, Skype - pre arrange:


Important notice: 

Materials and content storage at Lion and Fox Recording, Inc. is provided for client convenience only. Lion and Fox Recording, Inc. assumes no risk and makes no guarantee for the safety of client materials in production or storage, or for the contents of materials prepared for the client. All risk for the safety of materials, contents and delivery, including loss or destruction, are assumed by and are solely the responsibility of the client. Client materials left for more than one year will be discarded.

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Lion and Fox Recording
9517 Baltimore Ave
College Park, MD 20740